The goal of this project is to make a Microchip PIC chip programmer, because if we need to use a PIC in any project, this will serve us to record the firmware in it.

The T-20 programmer is a programmer for PICs and EEPROMs of the 24LXxx series that really works, is affordable, occupies as little space as possible and schedules the largest number of components.


It does not require any type of adapter, and in three sockets available, we can program the following devices:

  • PIC12C508 /A, PIC12C509 /A
  • PIC12C67x
  • PIC16C55x
  • PIC16C61
  • PIC16C62x
  • PIC16C71
  • PIC16C71x
  • PIC16C8x
  • PIC16F8x
  • PIC16F873/4/6/7 (28-pin models)
  • PIC16C73B/74B/76/77
  • EEPROMs of the series 24LCxx


The schematic of the T-20 programmer is as follows:

Figure 1: Schematic of the T-20 programmer.

And the components to build it are:

Item Quantity Reference Component
1 1 C1 22uF ,16v Tantalio/Electrolítico
2 1 C2 100uF , 16v Tantalio/Electrolítico
3 4 D1,D2,D3,D4 1N4148
4 1 D5 5.1v 1/2W
5 1 D6 8.2v 1/2W
6 1 J1 Zocalo 24LCXX 8 Patillas
7 1 J2 Zocalo PIC 18 Patillas
8 1 J3 Zocalo PIC 28 Patillas
9 1 P2 Conector DB9 Hembra
10 2 Q1,Q2 BC547B
11 1 Q3 BC557B
12 1 R1 100k
13 1 R2 10k
14 1 R3 1k5

Table 1: Table of components.

The photolith of the PCB is as follows:

Figure 2: Photolith of the T-20 programmer.

Figure 3: Top view of the T-20 programmer.

Figure 4: Bottom view of the T-20 programmer.

The completed programmer's photo is:

Figure 5: T-20 terminated.