This project arises from the need to have a tool with which we can develop our prototypes in an economic way and with a finish of quite quality. This study leads to an insolator with ultraviolet LEDs. The choice of this alternative promotes by a series of advantages such as the low consumption of the same LEDs mainly. Apparently these LEDs can be expensive, but you can perfectly get 200 ultraviolet LEDs for a price of 40 euros. The sunburst will be mounted in an aluminum case, with a digital timer with alphanumeric LCD display, matrix keyboard and internal power supply.


For a better distribution of the LEDs, the design of the PCB board was designed in 3 parts to facilitate the machining, developing even the repair of the components in case of failure. Therefore, said briefcase is formed by 2 equal plates and a third plate arranged as follows:





The method of manufacture of the printed circuit boards has been made with positive plates emulsified and subsequently the insolado of the photolites thereof. To assemble the components, proceed as follows:


  • 1st: Installation of 68 ohm resistors.
  • 2º: Placement of lso ultraviolet lgs.
  • 3º: Placing the protection capacitor.
  • 4º Placing the connector.
  •   The images of the mounted plates are as follows:

    Figure 1: PCB 1 top view



    Figure 2: PCB 1 bottom view



    Figure 3: PCB 2 top view



    Figure 4: PCB 2 bottom view


    Due to the consumption of each plate, a computer power supply will be used for the development of the briefcase. In the following images, the plates are shown:


    Figure 5: PCB 1 on


    Figure 6: PCB 2 on


    El temporizador está compuesto por un microcontrolador de Microchip, el PIC16F876A con el cual vamos a mostrar la cuenta de temporización en la pantalla LCD a través de una interfaz de entrada compuesta por un teclado matricial. El esquema queda como se muestra en la figura: